Drug Court Provides Real Results

Jean* is a middle-aged woman who had a long history of substance misuse and like many others afflicted with this challenge, she also had a lengthy criminal record.  During her last arrest, she was fortunate to be diverted to the Drug Treatment Court program in Nashua, which consists of a collaboration among an entire team of professionals including judges, attorneys, police departments and mental health providers at the Greater Nashua Mental Health Center.  Jean began working with a therapist and was diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health disorder, meaning that she was not only struggling with a long-standing substance use disorder, but she also had an additional significant mental health challenge to address.  This is not an uncommon occurrence and in fact many people try to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol because they are suffering and never received treatment for the underlying mental health disorder.

Feeling a real sense of hope, Jean was totally engaged and spent about 4 days a week in an intensive outpatient program (IOP).  In addition, she was subjected to random drug tests and was required to appear before the judge on a regular basis, where she received incentives for making progress toward her goals.  Participants are also required to attend recovery support meetings in the community.  Jean worked diligently at her recovery, developed numerous connections and built herself a positive support network in the community.

After 18 months of hard work, Jean successfully graduated from the drug court program and is living an entirely new life.  She has gone to school to study technology and is currently working full-time with a real salary.  Jean is able to pay back loans that she had hanging over her head and enjoys a renewed sense of being a productive and responsible member of her community.  She has since volunteered her time to become a mentor to new drug court program participants, because she wants to give something back to the community that helped her to find renewed hope and joy in her own life.

“I am so happy that I am able to give back to others, now that I’ve been given a second chance.”

*Name changed for client privacy.