Counseling Services – Assessment & Brief Treatment

A temporary life crisis can be tremendously disruptive both to individuals and to their families. Whether the issue is a marital problem, a difficult life transition such as the loss of a spouse or long time employment – it can sometimes be difficult to get one’s life back on track. Counseling, or therapy, with a mental health professional can assist a person in developing a clearer perspective and a better understanding of stressful or upsetting circumstances.

The Assessment & Brief Treatment Program is designed around an early intervention and brief treatment model, providing assessment, psychological testing, and therapy services to adults ages 18-59. Our clinicians are all licensed in the State of New Hampshire to provide individual, couples and family counseling. At the first visit an initial assessment is completed and a treatment plan is developed. Individuals for whom medication plays a role in treatment will be referred for a psychiatric evaluation with one of our psychiatrists.

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