Child, Adolescent and Family Services

Good mental and physical health care is important at any age. Many of today’s children and teenagers are faced with a great deal of stress in their home or school environments and as a result may be struggling with anxiety, depression or other emotional distress. Still others may be experiencing serious mood or thought disorders and could greatly benefit from early intervention and treatment. Greater Nashua Mental Health is committed to helping children and their families by providing a comprehensive array of mental health services and special programs.

Clinic Services

  • Individual, group and family therapy including a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program for adolescents
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management for clients engaged in therapy
  • Evaluation and treatment for substance use disorder
  • Crisis stabilization in clinic and community
  • Collaboration with school and other providers as indicated

Outreach Services

  • Mental health services in the schools
  • Project RENEW, empowering youth to create future opportunities
  • Support and case management in the community
  • Children’s Assertive Community Treatment (C-ACT) program, designed to reduce hospitalizations and agency involvement

Child Impact Seminars

  • A 4-hour program to help parents understand the impact separation and parental conflict can have on children

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Functional Support Services

  • Designed to help clients develop resiliency and to function at their highest level in their own communities
  • Referrals to additional support services and monitoring of client progress by case managers

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