A Place to Live Housing Program

Having a safe, stable place to live is crucial to anyone’s mental health. For those individuals living with mental illness, homelessness is a huge predictor of poor treatment outcomes, yet finding suitable, affordable housing is an enormous challenge. While supply of housing in the Greater Nashua area appears to be adequate, individuals relying on disability benefits or low-pay positions rarely can afford local rental rates. Their choices are to join a long (3-5 year) waiting list or live under unsafe, unsanitary, and even illegal circumstances. Greater Nashua Mental Health has initiated the “A Place to Live” program to assist clients in need of subsidized housing with minimal supported housing needs through development of a roommate-matching service, sometimes coupled with small stipends to bridge the unaffordable gap until more permanent solutions to their housing situations are arranged. This housing is obtained in the name of the client and only the stipend is dependent on clinical and financial need – the consumer can maintain the lease on his/her own as they are able to afford the rent.

For more information, view our “A Place to Live” Brochure