24-Hour Emergency Services

As a community mental health center, we recognize that a mental health crisis can take place at any hour of the day and any day of the week. If a person is experiencing a serious emotional crisis, there must be immediate access to the proper care that will help to stabilize their symptoms and get them back to a normal routine as soon as possible. Each individual situation is different; some people may only need to resolve an issue by telephone, others will need a face-to-face assessment.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Services – A professionally-staffed emergency system provides an immediate response to a crisis situation. This includes an assessment (telephone or in person), symptom stabilization and follow-up referrals to appropriate care. 24-Hour Emergency Line: 1-800-762-8191
  • Hospitalization Services – Inpatient care at a local general hospital for consumers whose symptoms are severe enough to warrant temporary removal from their environment but whose needs exceed emergency services available in the community.