Homeless Outreach Program

GNMH has a long history of reaching out to individuals who struggle with homelessness and mental illness.  The agency employs a Homeless Outreach Clinician whose job is to specifically engage this population, helping to ensure ready access to GNMH services and the broader continuum of community services.  The agency is an active member of the Greater Nashua Continuum of Care – a consortium of non-profit service providers dedicated to ending homelessness in the area.

The Homeless Outreach Clinician has established relationships with area providers, as well as close familiarity with locales where individuals who are homeless are likely to be found.  This outreach program engages individuals who are homeless and have a mental illness where they are – both physically and psychologically.  The program’s clinician has fifteen years experience identifying homeless individuals in need of psychiatric services and working, frequently over long periods of time, to engage them in treatment.